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a youngest child's perspective on the world, having grown up in an industrial town, waitressed for a decade, and then gone to law school


Hope is like an appendix

On a weekday afternoon late last spring, sitting at my desk with a fan pointed at my face moving the tepid air of my apartment about, I opened my email inbox and saw a message from a man I no longer remember having met. He tells me he likes my writing and he does that thing I’ve noticed men do, which is to compliment me by giving me explicit permission to do more of it. “Keep writing,” they say. I wrack my brain for a memory of this man. I both flatter myself with the fact th

The sweet sultry salve to save you

She started by drawing a line between people with addictions and people without addictions. She then explained that addicts lack...



Robyn's work has been published in The Coast and The Fix, as well as in her Law School alma mater's newspaper, Obiter Dicta.

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But that's not fair is a collection of personal essays and creative nonfiction by Robyn Ashley Schleihauf

Robyn is a writer, a lawyer and a sober consultant in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She enjoys making scones, swimming in the ocean, listening to people speak earnestly and genuinely about just about anything and reading. She lives with a tailless cat named Bobby.

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